TabooHeat: Cory Chase, Victoria Lobov- Teaching My Step Family About Sex

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I (Luke Longly) pull my step-sister into my parent’s bedroom, because I’m trying to quickly fuck her without my step-mom catching us! I have never had sex before so I’m not sure what I’m doing! I ask Cory Chase which hole she wants me to fuck, and she points to her pussy. I still am not sure what I’m doing though, so we call out for our step-mother to come help us. Victoria Lobov walks into the bedroom wearing slutty lingerie, and she hops on to the bed to assist us. She tells Cory to get on top of me and she tells Cory to slowly move her hips up and down. Cory rides my dick up and down, until she starts to get tired. Then Victoria shows us how to do the doggystyle position next. She shows us how to do the missionary position after that. Cory wants to watch me fuck my step-mom next, so she can possibly learn some new moves. I fuck my step-mom’s pussy while Cory sucks on her big tits. After I fuck Victoria for a few minutes, I start to fuck Cory in the doggystyle position next. Now that we’ve practiced having sex for a while, my step-sister says that she is ready to try anal sex. I start to fuck her ass and pussy back and forth, and I love how this feels! When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off into my step-mom’s mouth. Then she kisses my step-sister and they share my cum!


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