MomIsHorny: Lani Rails, I Thought You Liked Me / 11.04.2022

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Lani Rails was doing her morning jog when she passed a weird nerd who was staring at his cell phone while walking and said hello to him. Johnny Love was amazed that a girl would talk to him and decided to follow her. He quickly ran after her. When she entered her house he closed the door too quickly for him to follow. So Johnny sneaked around the house until he found the bathroom window and was able to peep in. There was Lani, taking off her clothes going to the shower. Nothing was better than a shower in the morning after a nice jog. Her mind drifted into subconscious sex fantasies and she started to masturbate. The shower hitting her clit was helping to reach the – who was staring at her?? She jumped out grabbed Johnny and pulled him into the bathroom. He stuttered I thought you liked me! At the moment she liked anything that would get her off, so she dragged Johnny all dressed back to the shower. He had to lick her pussy. That didn’t do the trick so she used Johnny and the shower head. Johnny got soaked. She had pity on him and sucked his dick hard. Then she dragged him to the bedroom and fucked him. First she did the reverse cowgirl, then she made him doggy her. They spooned and fucked more and more until he shot his load all over her face. Then she quickly kicked him out as her boyfriend was coming.


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