TheDickSuckers: Hazel Moore, Use All My Holes! / 11.05.2022

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“My tits are so swollen,” Hazel Moore whispers as she kicks off this amazing video. In this, we break down the “4th Wall”, so to speak. When I sat down with Hazel before we started shooting, she said, “hey Billy. Can we just fuck? I’m so tired of shooting B.S. storyline porn! Lemme just talk dirty to your subscribers and suck cock and get railed and ass fucked…please!” I replied something along the lines of “of course you can!” and then I pressed RECORD and my camera and bam. This scene. Use All My Holes. Because that’s what Hazel’s all about: pleasing her man using her eager mouth; her wet, wet cunt; or her tight little asshole. Mr. POV wasn’t done, either. And after she finished the job and did her dirty-talk wind down, Mr POV walked over and dumped another one on Hazel’s pretty face!! Enjoy!!!


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