GirlsWay: Lena Anderson, Jennifer White – Early Birds / 11.06.2022

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It’s not easy when your parent’s girlfriend moves in, least of all when she keeps hogging the shower every morning! Lena Anderson has tried to tell Jennifer White, her parent’s new girlfriend, about this but at the start of every day, Lena STILL finds the bathroom door locked and the shower running. It seems like BOTH of them are early birds… but that doesn’t mean that Lena can’t best Jennifer at her own game. One morning, Lena decides to get up even EARLIER than Jennifer so that she can get into the shower before her. Lena’s plan is successful, but she forgets to lock the bathroom door before stripping naked and stepping into the shower. Moments later, Jennifer enters the bathroom and, still groggy from her slumber, doesn’t realize that Lena’s in the shower until she steps in and surprises her. After a brief moment of awkward arguing, they decide to toss their differences aside and share the shower. But as the soap foams around their perfect breasts and the lather runs down their asscheeks and thighs, these two early birds can’t help but get mightly turned on. Maybe this arrangement isn’t so bad after all- especially if they have a little X-rated fun under the warm jets. It seems like today, BOTH early birds got the worm!


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