ExploitedCollegeGirls: Maude, Kinda Wish I Was In There Myself

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Redhead lovers can rejoice today because this sexy ginger loves sex. Specifically sex with health care professionals, doctors or people that are “Up There” to be exact, and even though Tyler’s no doctor he has played one in porn movies before soooooo I guess that qualifies and never the less, she’s in for one fun filled fuckfest today. And what a fuckfest it was everyone because there’s just something about Redheads that makes them super sexual and fun to fuck and this girl loves to fuck. Hell, she’s got the smallest and prettiest pink pussy, clit included, we’ve had the pleasure to gaze upon here at ExCoGi in quite some time and Tyler took full advantage to pound it into full submission for the longest fuck session of this girl’s life. This girl’s pussy and clit is so small and tight you’d think it was attached to a preteen it’s so perfect and nubile. Ok ok ok, so she’s inked herself up a bit but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s sporting a killer body with exquisitely perfect titties and skin so milky white she’d pass for a ‘Vision from God’ if it weren’t for the ink and pierced nipples. Well hey, it just goes to show she’s got one hell of a fucking wild side and she brought that wild side today in spades and fuck me, I kinda wished I was in that tight pussy myself. Passion? Yea, this scene defines passion and displayed eruptions of chemistry and as we all know chemistry is something that can’t be manufactured. I just love it when first timers explore their sexuality and push their limits enough so that the inner slut that’s within every young girl can blossom, and for sure Maude’s a little blossoming slut. And did I say this girl’s pussy and clit is tiny? Fuuuuuck it’s perfect, and for sure she did every naughty and ‘sorry daddy’ thing we asked her to and did it with a smile. She’s just that kind of girl that will satisfy all your sexual and perverted demands without being to fucking slutty about it, and is the definition of a whore in the sheets and a good girl on the streets. Just how we like’em, so enjoy Maude and her first sex on camera everyone.


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