DickDrainers: Jayden Black, I Have The Best Dreams! / 11.10.2022

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I love goin to sleep in my bed. For one my bed comfortable AF. So when I go to sleep, I sleep good AF and when that happen, I dream…usually about flying or spaceships or shii like that. But every now and then…my dreams are EXTRA lit.
Tonight I had this dream and the 1st thing I saw was a big booty white bitch? That’s how u know a night gonna start out pretty good, right?
So this big booty bitch say that I can control the dream. Like u know how u dream and its like u in a movie cuz u just goin wit the flow? Nah this bitch said that I can switch up the reality on some Matrix type shii.
Now I’m no Einstein but I’m kinda smart. If she said I can control EVERYTHING in my dream…and issa big booty white bitch in my dream…that mean I can make her do ANYTHING I want…


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